Profit Savvy Pricing?

Are we a good choice for you?

We have a particular clientele that we service.  Although we are happy to try to assist anyone wishing to improve the profitability of their business, the reality is that our expectations of what you will need to do to benefit from our service means that we may not be suited to you.

We think we best assist;

  • small to medium businesses with $500k or more in turnover and 5 or more staff
  • those willing to invest a couple of hours a week over several months to identify the structural weaknesses in their business and then fix them; en-route to boosting profits
  • those who understand that we offer a boutique advisory service tailored to your business.  Effectively, we are like a part-time business advisory on staff.  We expect the value gained from our services to be substantial but our fees might be more than a small business wants to invest till they get a bit larger. 


Our Pricing depends on what services you select

For a personal discussion on how we can best assist you, please email us on and provide a little background on what you would most like from us.

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