Growing Profit is normally one of the principal goals of business so we focus a lot of attention on this goal

We have four packages to address wherever you want to go with Growing Profit

They are outlined here and available at our Backstop site

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    1. if your business is experiencing tough times, check our 30 day recovery roadmap Turnaround30 Course: Rapid Stabilisation of a Business in Trouble in 30 Days
    2. If you are happy with your business as is, the Profit Autopilot might help you cement in the profit levels you want.
    3. But if you would like to optimise your existing business, increase the present level of sales and improve the profitability, go to our Optimise100 Course: Streamline Your Existing Operation in 100 days from efficiencies.
    4. Now build on the Optimisation achieved with Optimise100 - go to the Grow365 Course which seeks to Grow your Enterprise Revenue over the next 12 months.
    5. Your enterprise is growing, innovation and disruption are sure to erode your successful products. Go to the article Innovate1000: Double Growth Again Through Innovation and keep ahead of the competition.

Turnaround30: Rapid Recovery Plan for Troubled Business

Both large and small business can hit difficult times.

It's never pleasant but our Turnaround30 course collects advice on how you might be able to stabilise the patient as quickly as possible.

Our target is a 30 day sprint so everyone can get engaged with the rescue.

Profit Autopilot

Failing to make a Profit, or incorrectly accounting for cash leading to a lack of money to pay debts and tax liability, are among the largest contributors to Business failure.

Profit Autopilot turns conventional accounting on its head by starting with a focus on profit first. 

It also introduces a simple set of "Piggy Banks" that give you a “set and forget” approach. When tax and other expenses become due you have sufficient funds to pay. 

And, along the way, you take out, not only a Wage, but a Profit as well.

Optimise100: Streamline Your Existing Operation in 100 Days

Optimise100 aims to streamline your business, directing more money to bottom-line Profit.

This is simpler than increasing revenue, allowing it to happen much faster.

Once the business is efficient, it is then time to focus on growing your Profit by growing your Sales Revenue with Grow365

If you are skeptical that doubling your profit is even possible, we can show you case studies that show what can be possible.

Grow365: Grow Your Business in 365 Days

Grow365 aims to increase your Revenue so that more money goes to your Profit bottom line.

This is a slower process than Optimise100, we will allow 12 months to achieve it.

Innovate1000: Double Growth Again Through Innovation 

Innovation is a longer term project, hence a 3 year (roughly 1,000 days) period.

You are happy with the growth of your Enterprise and it is optimised.

It is a certainty, in the quickly changing environment of today, that innovation and disruption will erode your successful products.

Stay ahead of the pack and work through the Innovate1000 project.

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