Profit and Not-For-Profit Have The Same Strategy Needs

Profit and not-for profit enterprises have different types of goals


Share the need to focus on the same Levers to achieve those goals

Among those Levers that have to be pulled to a greater or lesser degree are:

.. the need to generate revenue

..the need to manage the variable costs of delivering a service

..overhead costs and 

..some profitability goal

Profit Savvy is all about manipulating those Levers to maximise your chances of reaching your goals


All Enterprises are Focused on Profit; Just in Different Ways

For-profit businesses often aim for profit but understand that it may have to be sacrificed in the short term to grow.

Local government doesn't aim to make a profit much greater than zero but it certainly doesn't want a profit of less than zero - a loss.

Public sector enterprises may have a guaranteed revenue stream from the government but have a profit goal to at least breakeven.  Delivery and overhead costs have to be managed with that in mind.

Not-for-Profit organisations may be focused on raising as much revenue as possible to fund their causes. 

Or they may have a revenue stream and be focused on maximum reach to their target group. 

But, usually, all the while making sure they don't make a loss.

No matter what your enterprise type, you need the Strategy Planning and Execution Tools Profit Savvy brings.

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