Two-Thirds of an Iceberg is Underwater

What's hidden in your accounting reports?

Did you know there is a vast amount of valuable information hidden in your normal accounting reports?
You can unpack it and improve your business with our easy to understand TrendBoard and Trend ChangeBoard Analysis tools

Here is just a taste of the extra information hidden in your Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports

  • What is the chance of my business failing in the next 12 months?
  • What will my projected profit be 1, 2 and 3 years out?
  • If I change the price by 1%, how much will my profit increase? (Tip: a study showed an average 11% increase in profit for each 1% increase in price!)
  • What is tying up my cash and ruining my cashflow?
  • What is my business likely to sell for right now?
  • Is my use of labour getting better or worse?


Free, no-obligation demonstration of what's hiding in your annual accounts

We have a free, no-obligation, TrendBoard and ChangeBoard Case Study which takes 4 years of accounting information and gives you startling insights into the facts behind the figures in this real-world case study 
The ChangeBoard Case Study shows you the impact of a 1% change in key performance variables like prices, sales volume, exit sale price.
When you supply your own information, you can change these key performance variables to whatever is more realistic for your business, and instantly see what you might achieve when tuning your business for growth.
ChangeBoard gives you a Business Model you can play with.
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What am I going to pay to get all this valuable information? 

We know that one size doesn't fit all so we offer a range of TrendBoard and ChangeBoard services to precisely meet your particular requirements.

Email us for a personalized estimate

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If not completely satisfied with your first TrendBoard using your data, we will refund your payment in full

But, it is one thing to know what to fix and another thing entirely to know how to fix it!
How does Profit Savvy help with that?

We know there are many demands on your time so fitting in yet another task is asking a lot. We have been there ourselves!
So, we have developed micro-courses that each cover just one topic. Each topic is designed to be implemented by you in less than a month. That means you focus all your attention on what you consider most important and make big inroads in just a month. Then you can move on to the next micro-course. In one year, you will have improved the 12 most important aspects of your business.
For a low monthly subscription, you get access to a new micro-course of your choice plus retaining access to all your previous courses. You can stop or resume at any time.

If not completely satisfied with your most recent course, we give you a 100% moneyback guarantee on that course

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