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What's it worth

One often looks straight at the price of something before considering what is its value to them.

Profit Savvy is designed to;

  • provide you with Mentors and Business Tutors to challenge and guide your business thinking when you don't have that resource on staff.  How much is that worth?
  • save you buying dozens of text books and hundreds of hours of reading by distilling out books and serving these nuggets of information up buffet-style for you to pick from.  How much money and time will that save?
  • streaming business management tools to you 24/7, worldwide.  How much is that worth?
  • save you the time and expense of attending university or other business school. How much is that worth?
  • provide a sharing community of like minds for you to give and take advice .  How much is that worth?
  • provide you with expert advice and assistance without having to hire specialist staff or employ consultants.  How much is that worth?

Now look at Profit Savvy's pricing with that value in mind.

Right now we're free!

Profit Savvy is presently free to all users while we expand our content and perfect its delivery.

If a charge is set at some later date, we will consult with you in advance.

To get the full benefit of Profit Savvy, register now using the Register/Login Form to the right of the page or click here

no credit card required

Later Pricing

 Profit Savvy is a volunteer driven, not-for-profit operation.   Even so, it costs something to run.

At present, donors cover the costs.

We are likely to begin charging in the future to cover these operating expenses.


It is also true that something that is free arguably has "no value".

You are far less likely to engage of you have no skin in the game.

One reason we are likely to charge in the future is to measure how useful we are to you.  If you stay registered, we know we are being helpful.  If you leave, maybe we aren't!

Your future contributions will help us build the knowledge-base as quickly as possible.  

You will be able to leave at any time and we will stop any monthly charge that may be in force at the time.

Lesser Developed Countries

At one time, the founder of the Profit Savvy  worked for the United Nations in developing countries.  

That drove home that the problems managers face are worldwide.  

What might be a reasonable subscription fee in a western county can represent a great deal higher fee in a country where the per capita income is lower than western countries.

If you are in a lesser developed country, we hope your access can remain free or deeply discounted   

The need for access to business wisdom in our developing countries is probably even more dire than in the western world; and a lot harder to find. 

We aspire to continue to provide Profit Savvy for free in developing countries; with financial support from richer countries

Donors and Supporters Welcome

 If you find Profit Savvy helpful, you are very welcome to donate by emailing us here.


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